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XTL Touch Controller

Honeywell Lyric is a wireless connected platform designed to simplify security, home comfort, and awareness by controlling connected home products with a single app.

You can control security, thermostats, lights, locks and video with one touch-at the display or via your smart devices

The built-in camera can send you a picture when the system is disarmed—making it a snap to stay in the know.

Video Doorbell

A high-definition video doorbell that lets you enjoy new levels of security, control and convenience wherever they are in the world. You can remotely check doorbell activity on the Remote Services app 


Cell-Net Communicator

Sentry Alarms brings you Honeywell's IntelliPath™ Series communicator.  This communicator provides seamless, reliable transmission of alarm signals by automatically choosing the best wireless signal path in the area.  Phone lines are not required!

Enhanced Mobile App

A Connected Home with Remote Services lets you stay in the know wherever you go. With the tap of a finger, our app lets you control your security systems, receive email alerts—even view live video and video doorbell events, locate vehicles or assets, control thermostats, lighting and locks—anytime, anywhere on iPhone®, iPad® or Android devices


Smoke Detector

Critical to your family’s safety, Honeywell’s Monitored wireless smoke detectors provide the ultimate protection of life and property. They mount on walls or ceilings, install without drilling holes and preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detectors sense the presence an odorless gas that can be deadly.  By installing, you assure that your family will be alerted to the problem so they can exit the house immediately.

Glass Break Detector

Detects the forceful breaking of glass using the FlexCoreTM signal processing  to minimize false alarms while maintaining the highest possible level of detection. Can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 20’ range.


HD Dual Tech Motion

Motion Sensor with dual sensing technology provides superior detection and reduces the risk of false alarms in difficult environments.  Adjustable pet friendly options to accommodate individual needs.


Interior Siren

Add a fully wireless siren that provides audible annunciation for an extended level of performance and protection.

Note: The Touch Control includes a built in siren.

Window Sensor

Window Sensors are used to know when your windows are opened causing an alarm when the system is armed, or annunciate at the keypad when disarmed.


Concerned about an intruder breaking the glass – make sure you add a Glass Break Detector near the glass.

Door Sensors

Door Sensors are used to know when your doors are opened. Every door should have one.

Motion Detector

Detects a person moving within the 35’ x 40’ direct view of the sensor. Has pet friendly technology to reduce false activations from your pet.



Easy to use high-security (encrypted) wireless key, lets you control your security system with push-button ease.

Interior Camera

Honeywell Total Connect Video Solutions let you view live video, keep tabs on your home and receive important email and video alerts on everyday smart devices. The Interior Camera can be wired or wireless and is capable of low light viewing. 

Z-Wave Lamp Module

Turn a lamp on or off-even dim the light-on command or at scheduled times, all with this simple plug-in component. Home Dimmer Module puts smart home lighting control in your hands, from anywhere.

Technology Protection Plan

Rest easy!  We'll replace any defective part in your system as long as you remain a customer in good standing.  This includes changes to the wireless communication networks which demand new communicators be added to  your system.   What could be easier and more worry free?  Some restrictions do apply.



XTL Touch Controller (1) Inc.
($399 Value)
Video Doorbell (1) Inc.
($249 Value)
Cell-Net Communicator (1) Inc.
($149 Value)
Enhanced Mobile App (1) Inc.
($49 Value)
Thermostat (0) Inc.
($299 Value)
Smoke Detector (0) Inc.
($129 Value)
Carbon Monoxide Detector (0) Inc.
($169 Value)
Glass Break Detector (0) Inc.
($119 Value)
HD Dual Tech Motion (0) Inc.
($169 Value)
Interior Siren (0) Inc.
($99 Value)
Window Sensor (0) Inc.
($69 Value)
Door Sensors (3) Inc.
($69 Value)
Motion Detector (1) Inc.
($119 Value)
Keyfob (0) Inc.
($59 Value)
Interior Camera (0) Inc.
($199 Value)
Z-Wave Lamp Module (0) Inc.
($69 Value)
Technology Protection Plan (1) Inc.
($600 Value)

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