Avoid Frozen Pipes

Freezing Temperatures and Water Can Mean Costly Damage In Your Home!

When temperatures fall and heating systems fail, the results can be catastrophic.  Sentry Alarms installs Temperature Detectors that will notify our central station that the temperature in  your home has fallen to a dangerous level.  This allows preventative measures to be taken before pipes freeze and water flows.  This is especially important for customers who maintain second homes in cooler climates, and for customers who travel frequently in cold weather.  The monitoring staff will stay with your low temperature signal until we are absolutely certain that you or your respondent has been reached and addressed the situation.

Water leaking from a hot water heater, a bad connection to a washing machine, or backup into a basement in flood-prone areas can lead to expensive clean up and repairs. Sentry Alarms installs WATER DETECTORS and TEMPERATURE DETECTORS in sensitive areas of your home so that you can be alerted to the problem before it becomes a major expense.

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