Environmental and process monitoring is critical for protecting sensitive materials and protecting the operation of your business.  At Sentry Alarms, our comprehensive suite of monitoring capabilities are combined with state of the art monitoring technology that can be seamlessly integrated with your security system.  Critical processes and potential vulnerabilities at your facility can be monitored 24/7 to ensure that your business and your assets are protected from mechanical malfunction or emergency circumstances such as weather events.

Benefits of Environmental Monitoring for your Business

  •   Protect your people, property and your equipment
  •   Detect system compromises before they become a problem
  •   Ensure operations critical to your business operate smoothy
  •   Enable off-site after-hours and lights-out monitoring

Environmental monitoring not only can be a life saver during an emergency, it also helps keep your operational costs down and helps your business operate at 100% efficiency.

Types of Environmental Monitoring offered by Sentry Alarms

Temperature Monitoring

Sentry Alarms can monitor equipment temperatures and can control facility temperatures remotely.  Regardless of whether you have a refrigeration room that keeps your inventory fresh or if you have a server room that needs to be at a constant temperature, Sentry Alarms can provide you with the peace-of-mind in knowing your business is being cared for even when you or your employees aren’t onsite.

Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Exposure to high levels of natural gas and carbon monoxide can be fatal to your workers, your customers and result in law suits that could end in financial ruin for your business.  Every day in the news we hear of people impacted by high levels of dangerous gases in homes and business.  At Sentry Alarms we employ advanced carbon monoxide and natural gas detecting systems to maximize the safety of your facility and send out an alarm before the situation becomes dangerous.

Power Failure Detection

The simple fact is that if your business isn’t operating, then your business isn’t growing.  The stoppage of processes critical to your business such as computer backups, manufacturing processes, and telephone access put your business at the risk of loss of revenue.  Sentry Alarms can monitor the power to your facility to help you get back on-line and profitable quickly and efficiently.

Flood Detection

All over America we hear of businesses devastated by flooding, be it from a severe storm or an internal mechanical malfunction.  Our area has certainly seen its fair share of businesses devastated by flooding.  Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature and can cause massive loss of equipment and inventory at your facility.  Sentry can integrate the latest flood detection technology into your environmental monitoring system, allowing your team to take action before losses occur.

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