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The Connected Home from Sentry Alarms -Smart!


The Connected Home from Sentry Alarms puts the control of your home in the palm of your hand.  Enjoy  the convenience of smart home technology in an attractive and intelligent package designed for your lifestyle.

Turn your security system on or off, bypass a zone or add a user from your mobile device using our convenient app.


Sentry Alarms makes it easy to control the lighting in your home.  You can create daily schedules, alter them whenever you like, or simply choose the individual lamp or light you'd like to turn on off off.  Have a light come on automatically when you disarm your system, lighting your way safely into your home.

Cameras.  Sentry Alarms will install cameras that are linked to your Sentry app and keep an eye on your home when  you're away.  Do you ever wonder what the dog or cat is up to while you work?  Have a need to look in on an elderly or ill relative?  Want to peek in on the kids?  It's all available with the Connected Home from Sentry Alarms.  Cameras provide added security and enjoyment.

Smart Thermostats.  Leaving work early on a cold or hot day?  No problem!  Just use your convenient app to turn up the heat or air conditioning so your home is comfortable when you arrive.   The Connected Home from Sentry Alarms puts your home's heating and cooling system at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Locks.  Your Connected Home from Sentry Alarms can include locks you control remotely from your mobile app, as well as from the lock itself.  No need to worry about forgotten keys.  House guests arriving early?  Just use your mobile app to open the door and welcome your guests to your home.

Door Bells.  Who's ringing your doorbell?  With SkyBell from Sentry Alarms, you can get a notification on your mobile device when the doorbell rings. See and talk to the person ringing the bell!  Has that package arrived? You'll know for certain with SkyBell from Sentry Alarms.  Another feature of the Connected Home from Sentry Alarms that provides safety and fun.


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