Monitoring Is The Heart And Soul Of Good Security

Our highly trained, caring and responsive team of monitoring professionals have the best interests of your family, pets , and property in mind when they respond to a signal from your home.  We dispatch efficiently when the situation warrants emergency response, and verify an actual event prior to dispatch when the situation allows.  Our monitoring team will follow any emergency signal received from your home until we have a clear resolution and understanding of the cause of the transmission.  You will find our team knowledgeable about your alarm system, friendly, and concerned about your safety at all times.  Our customers enjoy knowing they get a person whe they call, never a machine.

A Variety of Transmission Paths For Your Convenience And Safety

Sentry Alarms can receive alarm signals from your home in several different ways.   Cellular or internet communicators let Sentry create a path for alarm transmssion that does not rely on traditional landline phone service.  Landline transmission is still available for those who prefer this method of connecting to the monitoring center.    Most of our clients choose a combination of these services for added security.  Your security consultant will talk with you about the most effective form of communication to our central office from your home.

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